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        About us
        Company profile

        Being the wholly owned subsidiary of Ebara Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. , Ebara Machinery Zibo Co., Ltd. is committed to the business expansion of Ebara fluid machinery and system in China. Replying on Ebara’s one hundred years of experiences and technologies and adhering to the “custom make” concept, we can provide various products such as high pressure pumps, large-scale pressured circulating pumps etc. and high quality services to customers, which are widely adopted in the fields of electric power, water conservancy, municipal works, metallurgical steel, petrochemicals, desalination and others.

        Ebara Machinery Zibo Co., Ltd. will work to promote the development of local customers, and in the mean while as a part of Ebara Group corporate chain, it also functioned as “Ebara Japan’s oversea manufacturing base”. Our mission is to provide strong strategic support for Ebara’s global business.

        Comprehensive ability
        • Design and Development

          Advanced design concept

          Design hydraulic parts by using inverse design method and analysis flow pass parts by CFD method.

        • Manufacturing

          Comprehensive production capacity

          Qualifications can guarantee to provide the most reliable products to our customers.

        • Quality Assurance

          Provide strong protection for products

          Concept of product designing: To make the pumps according to customers’ requirement.

        • Test capacity

          Sophisticated test system

          Full digitalized testing system, Automatic record system for vibration, noise and bearing temperature data.

        • Whole-process service

          Perfect service system

          365 days of comprehensive response with the emergency response mechanism.

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        Address: New&Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zibo, Shandong Province, China. Tel:86-0533-3919586 Email:emz@ebara.cn

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